Mexico Getaway

I am so excited to be going on my vacation to Mexico. I’ve been there before but not in Cancun. I would love to see the pyramids again and visit the popular park that I have never been to. I am actually going to Mexico for nine days so that will be cool. I hope it inspires me to write some great poetry, lyrics, and/or prose.

I can’t wait to breathe in the refreshing air, to dive into the clear blue waters, and to lounge on the beach chair and get lost in a book… I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time. And I need that too after all the unpleasant emotions and stress I’ve been through.

The only downside for me when it comes to going away on this trip is that I won’t be able to check my email and communicate with my friends, especially those that I adore a whole lot. But I will be thinking about them while there, so it should make things better.

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