Trip to Mexico – post impressions

So I’ve just gotten back from Mexico, and I am not totally thrilled about the resort I stayed at (Riu Palace). The restaurant service and the food there wasn’t that good. Neither was the room service. For the most part I was always short on bath or hand towels… And the light switches in the room were probably designed by someone who must have been drunk at the time. Turning on the lights should be as easy as 123, but not in this resort. Too many switches god knows what their purpose is. Even now that I am no longer in the resort I have no idea how they work.

The beach at the resort is small, and there really isn’t any place to walk around in the resort. The resort territory is pretty small and there are no walking pathways or roads unless you get out of the resort and onto the street. There isn’t that much greenery there either.

Not much exciting activity goes on during the day. The shows at night are for the most part the standard line up of shows that can be found in most of the resorts. They are in their own right interesting though they could have been more creative on their part.

There are two bars in the beach/pool area, one in the theater, and another next door to the theater. If you’re a drinker then it’s great. If you are not a drinker, like me, then bars are not entertaining.

The design of the resort hotel is fantastic especially when you look outside at the beach. It looks like the pool in front of you flows into the Caribbean Sea. It is only when you get to the pool do you realize that there is actually a beach beyond the pool that leads to the sea water. I have to give props to that.

If you find yourself in Mexico be sure to take two excursions, one to Chichen Itza and the other to Xcaret. They are a must-see and it would be foolish not to check them out.

If you love the nightlife, the Caribbean atmosphere, and a bit of ancient history then Mexico is a great place to visit. Just try to avoid the Riu Palace hotel when you are looking into a place to stay while vacationing there.

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