My Poetic Tale…

I always wanted to follow in the steps of a Russian poet (Alexander Pushkin) and write a lengthy poetic tale. I started writing it this summer and after letting it sit for a while I am now going back to writing and expanding it further. My poetic tale will be broken up into parts, each part being a poem (however long it comes out to be). Three parts have already been written and I am working on part four at the present time. It is unknown how many parts my poetic tale will have. It all depends on where my mind and my story takes me. I am so excited about embarking on this creative journey and I can’t wait for the finished product so I can share it with the world in print.

Here is a little about my poetic tale (Treasure). A guy by the name of Fin swims in search of unknown land. When he gets there he meets a girl (Angel) whom he falls in love with and that is when their journey begins. They set out together to explore the island as they make it their home. During the days on the island their relationship blossoms and they have themselves many adventures along the way.

I’m a published author… Get your hands on my books at  my storefront (, on Amazon, at Barnes& and in many other places online.


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