Long Distance Relationships…

I wonder can long distance relationships work?  Can they really last between two people?  I am sure if you ask people they will give you different answers.  In my opinion long distance relationships can work and last if both people want it to.  If two people truly love each other, care about each other, and are right for each other in every way, then there is no reason why the relationship has to fail.  Yeah there is that issue of not being able to spend a lot of time together in person if hardly any, but that can all be worked out.  There is a solution for everything.  It might be emotionally downing to know you can’t be with the other person face to face, to spend time with them, to cuddle them, to kiss them, etc. on a regular basis, but just thinking about doing all these things should bring you happiness.  As long as both of you want to be together and as long as you really love each other, nothing and no one can stand in your way.  No distance – no matter how long it is – will matter…

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5 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships…

  1. lljessicall

    Long distance is hard to deal with. The worst part is communication for me. Me and my boyfriend have been together only four months, but we were friends before that. I live in Illinois and he had to move back to Colorado to spend some time with his kids and deal with child support, that kinda stuff. The hardest part for me is that my boyfriend doesn’t want to sit on the phone constantly like I would love to. He’s always busy and I’m worried about him 24/7. He doesnt answer my calls or texts and only calls when he wants to and only a few minutes at a time. There have been days we’ve only talked for 5 minutes total. It hurts and I am always wondering what he’s doins and why he’s too busy for me. So I think you’re right. But it’s all about dealing with how the other person reacts. I know for me, Im hurt by the fact my boyfriend doesn’t have enough time for me and although I got a lot of love for him, have thought about breaking up with him. It is very difficult to deal with.

    1. There’s this guy that I love that unfortunately lives in another country. We cannot talk via phone so our only mode of contact is either email or IM. This weekend we had scheduled an IM chat. I sat there for a half day waiting for him to log on but he never appeared, which left me feeling blue. The last time we spoke before the scheduled chat was on New Year’s Day. I haven’t heard from him since neither via IM or email. While I am very sad that he is not around, I am also worried that perhaps something has happened to him, and it is killing me not knowing what’s going on. I wrote him an email asking if everything is alright, telling him that I miss him, and asking him to reply back to me, but that did me no good because he didn’t reply. Now I am feeling even more dejected, and am angry at the fact that he has to live in another country. I hate this long distance thing. But it seems to be happening to me all the time. Whenever I fall in love with someone (and that I have no control over), the guy ends up living anywhere but where I live, and in the end I am left with a broken heart. But if I fall in love with someone I can’t just fall out of love with him, especially if I love him very much. There is no way. It can’t be forced. Plus, in this case I don’t want to. So here I am again in another long distance relationship with a guy (who loves be back) but who seems to have vanished. I have no idea what’s going on. Did something happen to him? Or have I been rejected again? There is nothing I can do, but sit and wait and hope that he resurfaces. But who knows when and if that will happen.

  2. penelope74

    I think that long distance relationships CAN work…and that they can be very rewarding (this is me *hoping* more than anything, having just recently embarked upon the whole long distance thing myself….)

    Seriously, though…if the people involved are committed and want to make it work, then it can work, just as with any other kind of relationship…

  3. I also believe that an LDR can work but really depends on the two persons involved. You know what, I seem to envy those people who is in a long distance relationship but still have communication with their partners. I think you’re lucky ’cause you’re able to talk to them even for 5 mins. But me, my boyfriend was not permitted by his superiors to use cellphone to text, telephone to call, or internet to send mails during his training for an incoming work. In short, I haven’t received any news or updates about him until now or vice-versa. But before he left, he assured me that I don’t have to worry ’cause everything will be fine and promised me that he’ll contact me immediately if there will be a chance. If you’ve loved someone so much then you’ll understand me if I’d say I feel it if he’s serious or not in everything that he says and does, and I know he meant what he vowed to me. I’m missing him so much and now I’m still waiting for his call. Wish me luck guys… 🙂

  4. So I still haven’t heard from the guy who I’ve mentioned in my earlier comment. I wrote him another email a few days ago asking him if he is okay, telling him how I feel about him, and what I am going through now that I haven’t heard from him in so long. Even asked him if he is coming back, or if he chose to stay away from me. He hasn’t replied yet, and I have this feeling that he might not reply to me at all. Everything was going great between us so why he all of a sudden chose to stop contact with me and everything is hard to understand. I wish I knew what is going on cause not knowing is driving me crazy. I once again feel rejected, pushed aside as if I am nothing, as if I mean nothing. But there is nothing that I can do. No way for me to bring him back. No way for me to get him to write me back. I am hopeless here. All I can do is just let the days go by and hope that he resurfaces. I want him in my life always, even if just as friends. I wonder if it will happen… Only time will tell…

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