Moving On From A Relationship…

Let’s say you meet this guy who lives far away from you.  You get to talking with him, hit it off right away, and end up falling in love with each other.  And the pictures you exchange only help make things even better.   Everything is going great between the two of you and each day you find yourself smiling, extremely happy, and your face and eyes are glowing.  You are in love, in love with an amazing person who feels the same way about you.

Then one day all of sudden the person stops contact with you.  Doesn’t email or instant message.  Doesn’t call (if that was ever your mode of contact).  Doesn’t reply to the emails or mailed letters you send him.  Just disappears without a word.  Days and weeks go by and still not a word from him.  You terribly miss the guy, and are sinking deep in sorrow and tears at the fact that he is not around anymore, at the thought that you’ve been rejected (perhaps yet again if it has happened to you before with someone else).  What do you do?  How do you cope?   How can you move on?

Before anything, you have to say to yourself that you want to move on, otherwise it will not work in your favor.  You also have to accept the big possibility, that most likely he is never coming back into your life, that it’s over between you.   You can’t wait around forever for him to come back into your life.  You have your own life to live.  If a long time has passed and he still hasn’t contacted you then it is really over.  Don’t wait for the possibility of his return and move on.  If you keep waiting for him to come back, you will find yourself in constant sorrow, and you might even take it out on others around you.  And you won’t even want to try to have another relationship.  So, why torture yourself like that?  It isn’t worth it…  Perhaps the disappearance of this guy means he wasn’t the one, and that there is someone out there waiting for you.  You will find him given the right time, the right moment, and the right circumstances…

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One thought on “Moving On From A Relationship…

  1. So I meet this guy who lives far away from me. We only communicate via email or instant message. Everything seems to be going great. We enjoy our chats. On top of that we adore each other and love each other, and there seems to be a connection between us. There is not a doubt in my mind that we’ll be together a long time. That is what I thought, but that’s not what happened. The guy just vanished without a word, without a trace. I thought perhaps something happened to him, that perhaps he might be going through something, and that’s why he is not in contact with me. But it’s been almost 2 months and still no word from him, which means that he is gone from my life. And finding out on one of the social networking sites that he is in a relationship really confirms that he will not return, not even as a friend. That really sucks, and it deeply hurt me, but I have managed to get by, managed to not get myself too down over this. Now for the most part I am doing okay. I can’t say I am 100% moved on, but for the most part I am…To me this experience is yet another proof that long distance relationships don’t work, especially those where two people live in different countries, and that I shouldn’t even attempt to have one ever again.

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