How To Keep Writing Ideas From Vanishing

I used to face a major dilemma in the past. Often times I got writing ideas or actual pieces were coming to me while I was on the go. Unfortunately I had nowhere to write them down so by the time I managed to find some pen and paper (which was usually a shopping receipt) those ideas would vanish and I’d be left with nothing. And trying to remember those ideas later on didn’t really help. I became really frustrated because I would get some really great ideas that I could have later developed into awesome pieces of writing but they would all disappear. I didn’t want to deal with this anymore so I went out and bought me a notebook that was small enough to fit into my handbag. I started carrying it with me (along with a pen) wherever I went. Whenever writing ideas came to me I’d no longer end up losing it because I had a place to write them all down. And I didn’t have to deal with writing on the back of receipts anymore either. It was a big convenience for me and made things much easier as everything was stored in one place and I didn’t have all these receipts and small papers lying around. I am sure glad I finally realized to do something like this and because of this I was able to write many great works.

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