Novel in-progress

Poetry and lyrics are my favorite styles of writing, and I write them more than anything else. But I love branching out and writing prose and other styles of writing too. Right now, I am trying to tackle a writing project that I have not done before, which is to write a novel. It will be my first novel ever and I plan to publish it once it is done. I am very excited about this project, and love the way the story is unfolding right now. Since the story stems from personal experiences, it really speaks to me, and I hope that it will speak to other people as well. I can’t wait for the finished product, so I can finally share it with the world.

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2 thoughts on “Novel in-progress

  1. I always try to write poetry. I have fun, but the poems are never much good at the end….I tend to repeat words and all. I’m more of a novel person. I’ve finished a few novels and I’m editing them.

    1. Repeating words in poetry is not a bad thing, so long as there is a point or a purpose to repeating those words. Congrats on writing some novels. It is fun! Good luck with the editing process. That can be tiring and sometimes frustrating. I am editing my novel as well.

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