A New Book of Lyrics…

I have been really inspired these past few months and have written a bunch of songs. Unfortunately, I don’t play any musical instruments so technically what I have are just lyrics, but I do have ideas on how to sing them, so I still think of them as songs.  I have more song ideas in my head and am looking forward to putting them down on paper and creating lots of new songs.

With this new wave of inspiration I have decided to work on putting together another book, which I plan to publish. It will be a book of lyrics. It will include my newly written lyrics, those I’ve yet to write, and some that I’ve written before. This will be my third book of lyrics and I am very excited about that. Most likely, this book will be released before my first novel, so it will be counted as my 6th book.

My 6th book! Wow! I am so happy that my dream of publishing books is actually a reality.

I don’t know yet when the book of lyrics will be released, as I am planning to write many new songs before that happens, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on its progress and on its release date when it nears.

I look forward to its birth and hope that you will get something out of the book and that it will connect with you in some way. Happy reading everyone. 🙂 And if you’re a writer then happy writing… 🙂

I’m a published author… Get your hands on my books at  my storefront (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/lenakovadlo), on Amazon, at Barnes&Noble.com and in many other places online.


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