Making a change…

We somehow find ourselves in a place we don’t want to be in, whether it is by accident or because at the moment it seemed like the right thing to do, or because we were scared. And then we come to realize that we made the wrong decision, that we shouldn’t be here, that we should move on to some other place.  Yes, we can just up and leave and move on with our lives. But sometimes it is not that easy. Sometimes there are circumstances that prevent us from doing so. And sometimes we are driven by fear and uncertainly that keeps us where we are, keeps us in a place or situation we don’t want to be in. And sometimes we feel hopeless, like there is no way out.

We always have a choice… We can put up with the things that bother us, that bring us down. Or we can fight it and search for a way out of the mess that we are in. As long as we have the strength, the courage, and the confidence inside us anything is possible and we can make the right changes and turn things around. But how do we gain that confidence, that courage to stand up for ourselves and make a change? How do we rid ourselves of the fear that reigns within us and prevents up from taking the necessary steps for a better tomorrow?

We are not quitters. We are not losers. We have to stand up for ourselves and become who we want to become, accomplish what we want to accomplish, change the negatives into positives. No one can do that for us. No one can turn our life around. We are the only ones who can do that. So we have to take charge and set out to improve our lives, to make them what we truly want them to be, even if it starts with taking those baby steps.

When we first come into this world we don’t know what our purpose is and we search for it as we grow. Sometimes we can’t figure it out and we keep searching and searching. But eventually it will all become clear. We will learn what we should set out to do and we will strive for it. But it won’t be smooth sailing as like is full of roadblocks, full of ups and downs. As long as we keep our head held high, as long as we maintain that drive, we will accomplish what we set out to do, what we feel our purpose truly is.

But we need backup. We need support from people around us who will guide us through our journey and give us that much needed boost to keep on going. Without this we may end up giving up, especially if things won’t be going our way, especially if we start to feel hopeless.

And sometimes we may need help. We shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help from others. Asking for help doesn’t make us any less of a person, doesn’t make us incompetent or incapable of doing what we want to accomplish. It shows that we want to grow and expand our horizons, that we want to become even better than we already are. We are all beautiful and brilliant in our own unique and no one can take that away from us. We are who we are. If some don’t like us or appreciate us there will always be others who will.


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