My new poetry book – my 7th book to-date…!

I have already published 6 books and am very excited to be working on my seventh book. This will be a new book of poetry – my 2nd full poetry book since Pieces of Me.

When I started working on my first poetry book Pieces of Me I came up with an interesting concept and am now finally bringing it to life with my new book.

My new book will be similar to Pieces of Me. It will be divided into sections and each section will have poetry in it that is on a similar topic. My previously written poetry that hasn’t been published in my other books will go into this book. I will write new poetry for this book as well as some sections don’t have enough poetry in them.

My Every Color is the working title for this book at this time. The title may change though. Regardless of what the title will be it will be related to the concept I came up with. Check back for updates on my new book.

My publisher for this book will be LULU. I have published all my books with them and am happy to publish my new book with them as well.


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