My New Blog – Books and Authors in the Spotlight

Not everyone that writes a book ends up becoming a popular, best-selling, known all over the world kind of author. That doesn’t mean that authors who don’t reach that kind of success are bad writers and authors or that their books are not worth reading. These authors are just overlooked and don’t get the support they rightfully deserve.

I thought I would start a blog that would introduce people to these authors and their wonderful books that deserve to be read. I chose to create my blog on Blogger. It’s called Books and Authors in the Spotlight. In this blog not only will you be able to find out about great books but you will also be able to head Amazon to preview the books if you’d like and also buy the books directly from the blog.

I’ve already included a number of books in the blog and can’t wait to include more of them soon. I am also thinking of featuring author interviews in the blog in the near future. It seems like an interesting idea as it’s nice to know the authors who write the books we read.

While not every author out there achieves super stardom and sells millions of books every one of them deserves to be in the spotlight. And this blog was created exactly for that – to let every author shine and be in the spotlight, no matter how successful they are.

Head to my blog now to check out the wonderful books already featured there – Books and Authors in the Spotlight.

I’m a published author… Get your hands on my books at  my storefront, on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble (online) and in many other places online.


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