About Me

I’m a poet, songwriter, writer, and published author with seven published books under my belt – Pieces of Me (book of poetry), Soundtrack of My Life: Volume 1 (book of lyrics), Soundtrack of My Life: Volume 2 (book of lyrics), Diary of a Crush (book of poetry, lyrics, and prose), Treasure (poetic tale written in rhyme), Melodies of the Heart (book of lyrics),  A Crimson Tide (book of poetry), The Secret Life of Ashley Miles (a novel), and An Unforgettable Journey (book of poetry, lyrics, prose).

I am passionate about writing, singing, dancing, and cooking. I am a creative individual who loves to have her mind wander and wonder wherever it wants to go… Who knows what I will discover and bring to life in the process… It could be incredible! I love the creative arts and bringing new ideas to life. I also enjoy going to concerts, watching movies, readinb books, listening to music, traveling, site-seeing, hiking and more.

I am a writer for HubPages.com where I write different articles (called hubs) on a variety of topics. Some of the topics include recipes, books, authors, movies, travel, making money online, music and any more. To read my articles CLICK HERE.

Besides HubPages I also write for other websites such as Daily Two Cents, Writedge, Wikinut, Wizzley and Listofied.


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