Poetry Book: Wandering Wounds

I have come across a touching debut poetry collection Wandering Wounds, written by the amazing poet James L. Finley, whose talent shines through in every verse.

The book is organized into sections, each having its own common theme. The areas covered in this book include illness and recovery, depression, abuse of all kinds, life’s frustrations, love, and more…

With every verse the reader is enveloped by extreme emotion and is transported into a world where the mind wanders and wonders thanks to the metaphor and/or allegory that is implemented throughout the book.

There are dark pieces, very sad pieces, pieces that make us laugh, pieces that envelop us in beauty, pieces that make us think, pieces that make us smile, and more… There is something for everyone to enjoy.

This book is a masterpiece that readers will find touching and quite enjoyable. Once readers dive into this book they will at least somewhat and in some way relate to the content, whether through direct personal experience or from something they witnessed happen to someone else.

It can be said without a doubt that we will be seeing more of this remarkable poet and will be enjoying his new work for years to come.

I am proud to own the treasure that is Wandering Wounds. If you have not picked up a copy do so today. It is a must-have book that people all over the globe will be buzzing about for a long time. So don’t pass up the chance to swim through the deep waters of his artistic craft and check out this must-have creation today.

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My New Blog – Books and Authors in the Spotlight

Not everyone that writes a book ends up becoming a popular, best-selling, known all over the world kind of author. That doesn’t mean that authors who don’t reach that kind of success are bad writers and authors or that their books are not worth reading. These authors are just overlooked and don’t get the support they rightfully deserve.

I thought I would start a blog that would introduce people to these authors and their wonderful books that deserve to be read. I chose to create my blog on Blogger. It’s called Books and Authors in the Spotlight. In this blog not only will you be able to find out about great books but you will also be able to head Amazon to preview the books if you’d like and also buy the books directly from the blog.

I’ve already included a number of books in the blog and can’t wait to include more of them soon. I am also thinking of featuring author interviews in the blog in the near future. It seems like an interesting idea as it’s nice to know the authors who write the books we read.

While not every author out there achieves super stardom and sells millions of books every one of them deserves to be in the spotlight. And this blog was created exactly for that – to let every author shine and be in the spotlight, no matter how successful they are.

Head to my blog now to check out the wonderful books already featured there – Books and Authors in the Spotlight.

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My new books for 2014

I have started to work on a new book called An Unforgettable Journey. I’ve already made the cover for it. All that is left is to do is the formatting of the manuscript and of course to write more content for the book. The book will feature not only poetry but also lyrics and prose. It will be published on lulu as my other previous books.

I have also finally decided to publish my first novel The Secret Life of Ashley Miles. It will be published on lulu as well. The cover is already made and the ISBN for the book has been obtained. All that is left to do is format the manuscript and do some final editing before releasing it to the world.

What I love about lulu is that you can publish a book and make changes after and resubmit the files without any issues.

I haven’t been working on these books for a while and so must get into them or I will never release them to the world. And that is something that I don’t want. Perhaps I will start now.

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My thoughts on books and publishing…etc.

Writing a book, editing it, and then getting it published is a lot of hard work, regardless of which publishing route you go with and who you publish your book with. It is a rewarding experience for sure in that we become published authors and have books to our name but that is not enough. We want to see our books succeed… We want our books to be in the hands of many readers. We want to touch their lives in some way with the books we bring to life. And we also want to make money from them.

With all the hard work we put into our books it is only natural to want to earn some money from them, and hopefully a substantial amount. That is hard to achieve especially when the books we publish are not novels or self-help books but instead are poetry or lyric books. Not that many people want to spend money on those. And so we can never achieve the amount of success that we yearn for with these kinds of books. And that is sad because we slave over these books. We fuss over every little detail and pour out our heart and soul into every poem we write, into everything that we do for our books.

So, to have our poetry books not get the attention they deserve, to not have them be as successful and they deserve to be makes us wonder why we worry so much about every little detail of our books when we write and publish them. It makes us wonder why we should bother with all the stress when in the end we don’t see much success with them. Maybe that is because we are perfectionists and want our books to be as best as they can be. Regardless of what it is, it is surely downing. Seems like all our hard work and all the time we spend on our books is all in vain.

It really surprises me that even with a huge amount of poetry lovers out there, those that write poetry and those that read it, that not that many people would actually buy a poetry book. Some say they want it but then they tell you they want it for free and that is not fair. If a novelist earns money from his/her books then poets should earn money for their poetry books. Why is poetry so under appreciated when it comes to buying poetry books? And what has the world come to? Poets are not treated the same way as novelists and that is not fair!!!

My 7th Book – A Crimson Tide – is out now…

My seventh book A Crimson Tide is finally out. It is my second full poetry book. It is available on amazon and at my author spotlight – http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/lenakovadlo

Our lives are like the tide, forever flowing in different directions, taking on different paths and shades based on varying circumstances that come upon them. Our lives are a forever changing of colors, just like the tide. As you dive into the pages of A Crimson Tide you will find yourself swimming through the various colors of our lives from nature’s beautiful palate, to red strokes of love and heartbreak, to the black veil that falls upon us when loved ones pass away from us, to darkening the pale where things become darker, deeper, philosophical, and psychological, where we battle with ourselves, and question our existence and our purpose in life.

My Latest Book – Melodies of the Heart – is out now!!!!!!!!!

My latest book – Melodies of the Heart – is finally published and available for purchase.  This is my third book of lyrics and my 6th book to-date. This book contains a little over 100 lyrics. Topics include, love, relationships, loss, heartbreak, personal struggles, dreams, and more. The writing is emotional and there is something everyone can relate to. I am very excited about this book and can’t wait for people to read it.

Melodies of the Heart is available in paperback and as an e-book on lulu.com. The paperback version will be available on amazon.com soon. You can preview and purchase the book at my storefront.

A New Book of Lyrics…

I have been really inspired these past few months and have written a bunch of songs. Unfortunately, I don’t play any musical instruments so technically what I have are just lyrics, but I do have ideas on how to sing them, so I still think of them as songs.  I have more song ideas in my head and am looking forward to putting them down on paper and creating lots of new songs.

With this new wave of inspiration I have decided to work on putting together another book, which I plan to publish. It will be a book of lyrics. It will include my newly written lyrics, those I’ve yet to write, and some that I’ve written before. This will be my third book of lyrics and I am very excited about that. Most likely, this book will be released before my first novel, so it will be counted as my 6th book.

My 6th book! Wow! I am so happy that my dream of publishing books is actually a reality.

I don’t know yet when the book of lyrics will be released, as I am planning to write many new songs before that happens, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on its progress and on its release date when it nears.

I look forward to its birth and hope that you will get something out of the book and that it will connect with you in some way. Happy reading everyone. 🙂 And if you’re a writer then happy writing… 🙂

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