My thoughts on books and publishing…etc.

Writing a book, editing it, and then getting it published is a lot of hard work, regardless of which publishing route you go with and who you publish your book with. It is a rewarding experience for sure in that we become published authors and have books to our name but that is not enough. We want to see our books succeed… We want our books to be in the hands of many readers. We want to touch their lives in some way with the books we bring to life. And we also want to make money from them.

With all the hard work we put into our books it is only natural to want to earn some money from them, and hopefully a substantial amount. That is hard to achieve especially when the books we publish are not novels or self-help books but instead are poetry or lyric books. Not that many people want to spend money on those. And so we can never achieve the amount of success that we yearn for with these kinds of books. And that is sad because we slave over these books. We fuss over every little detail and pour out our heart and soul into every poem we write, into everything that we do for our books.

So, to have our poetry books not get the attention they deserve, to not have them be as successful and they deserve to be makes us wonder why we worry so much about every little detail of our books when we write and publish them. It makes us wonder why we should bother with all the stress when in the end we don’t see much success with them. Maybe that is because we are perfectionists and want our books to be as best as they can be. Regardless of what it is, it is surely downing. Seems like all our hard work and all the time we spend on our books is all in vain.

It really surprises me that even with a huge amount of poetry lovers out there, those that write poetry and those that read it, that not that many people would actually buy a poetry book. Some say they want it but then they tell you they want it for free and that is not fair. If a novelist earns money from his/her books then poets should earn money for their poetry books. Why is poetry so under appreciated when it comes to buying poetry books? And what has the world come to? Poets are not treated the same way as novelists and that is not fair!!!