My new books for 2014

I have started to work on a new book called An Unforgettable Journey. I’ve already made the cover for it. All that is left is to do is the formatting of the manuscript and of course to write more content for the book. The book will feature not only poetry but also lyrics and prose. It will be published on lulu as my other previous books.

I have also finally decided to publish my first novel The Secret Life of Ashley Miles. It will be published on lulu as well. The cover is already made and the ISBN for the book has been obtained. All that is left to do is format the manuscript and do some final editing before releasing it to the world.

What I love about lulu is that you can publish a book and make changes after and resubmit the files without any issues.

I haven’t been working on these books for a while and so must get into them or I will never release them to the world. And that is something that I don’t want. Perhaps I will start now.

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A Lyricist vs. a Songwriter

When it comes to writing songs there are a few important words to consider:

A lyricist, a composer/musician, a songwriter…

By definition a lyricist is a person who writes only the words to a song. a composer/musician is a person who writes only the music for a song,  and a songwriter is a person who writes both the words and the music to a song. Calling yourself a songwriter when you only write the words to a song seems incorrect. But is it really? A song doesn’t necessarily need to have music to accompany it. Sure a song will probably sound better with music in the background but it doesn’t need to have any music at all. The song can be sung a capella…

Say, if a person, who doesn’t know how to write music or how to play any musical instruments, writes some lyrics and then comes up with a way to sing them, what title would you give him? Would you say he is a songwriter or merely a lyricist? I would lean toward the songwriter title. Sure there is no instrumental accompaniment to the lyrics but there is still music involved. The music in this case being the person’s vocals… Now, the lyrics are not just words on a page. They can be sung, and that makes them a song, and the person a songwriter…

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A New Book of Lyrics…

I have been really inspired these past few months and have written a bunch of songs. Unfortunately, I don’t play any musical instruments so technically what I have are just lyrics, but I do have ideas on how to sing them, so I still think of them as songs.  I have more song ideas in my head and am looking forward to putting them down on paper and creating lots of new songs.

With this new wave of inspiration I have decided to work on putting together another book, which I plan to publish. It will be a book of lyrics. It will include my newly written lyrics, those I’ve yet to write, and some that I’ve written before. This will be my third book of lyrics and I am very excited about that. Most likely, this book will be released before my first novel, so it will be counted as my 6th book.

My 6th book! Wow! I am so happy that my dream of publishing books is actually a reality.

I don’t know yet when the book of lyrics will be released, as I am planning to write many new songs before that happens, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted on its progress and on its release date when it nears.

I look forward to its birth and hope that you will get something out of the book and that it will connect with you in some way. Happy reading everyone. 🙂 And if you’re a writer then happy writing… 🙂

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My 5th book – Treasure – is out now!

I am so excited to finally release my 5th book, Treasure, to the world. It is available in pocket size paperback.It is a poetic tale written in rhyme.

Here is a summary of my latest book:

Fin, the lover of the sea, swims in search of land that others believe does not exist. He is determined to find it and when at last he does, he finds a female lying on the shore. Her beauty takes his breath away, and not knowing her name, he calls her Angel. Not only does he find the land that others think does not exist but he also finds a girl, who becomes his true love, his treasure. Together, they have many adventures as they explore the island, but all is not perfect as obstacles try to tear them apart. Can they weather these obstacles and stay together, keeping their love alive? Find out as you immerse yourself in Treasure and get lost in the world of Fin and Angel where anything can happen…

I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed bringing it to life. It was quite an adventure for me and I had a lot of fun writing it.

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New Poetry Written on the iPhone

On January 19, 2010 I was playing around with my new iPhone.  I clicked on the Notes app and decided to write something to try it out. To my surprise I ended up writing 5 new poems, and there wasn’t much editing that needed to be done once I finished writing them. Who knew that the iPhone can be inspiring? It sure seems it was to me.

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